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Shantelle Booysen can be booked to speak at corporate or private events. Her insights into leadership, innovation and well-being are derived from her experience as the founder and CEO of Elim - a leading South African manufacturer of spa products.


(Not so) Hidden truths


In this signature talk, Shantelle explores the social pressures to be healthy and to reflect the ideal image of health and “perfection”. Who is affected by this and what measures are taken in pursuit of perfection? Where are we confronted with these issues on a daily basis? How can we make small changes to lead a healthier, happier life?


Shantelle takes the audience on a field trip of the complex landscape that is modern medicine. She reveals truths about the make-up of our human bodies and how our “design” reacts to the environment; how we - as with all things in nature - are designed to survive.


Shantelle imparts relatable stories of her own experiences in facing this subject and the simple realisation that by understanding the fundamental mechanics of our bodies, we can simplify our perceptions and approach to healing, ageing and well-being. The audience are inspired to challenge their own existing knowledge and what they believe to be true; to step out of the mainstream ideas of health and to embrace the simple (un)hidden truths that our bodies reveal.


Wisdom and Truth


Inner wisdom and truth. These are two persistent themes that shine through in Shantelle’s talks. In her ventures as an innovator and product developer, it is her quest for truth and wisdom that enables Shantelle to think outside of the proverbial box.


Wisdom is a virtue that is gained from understanding and experience. When we think of a wise person, an image of a sage elder with long grey hair and serious wrinkles may come to mind. But are we not born with a certain degree of wisdom? Instinct and our drive to survive are just two


Keynote Speaker


Shantelle can be consulted as a keynote speaker to present on a variety of topics such as: well-being and personal wellness, product development, leadership and entrepreneurship. She is known to talk passionately about anything…except for quantum physics.


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